In 1986, hip-hop group Run–DMC released the hit single “My Adidas,” an anthem commemorating the ubiquitous Adidas Superstar. The group’s members wore their Superstars without laces, a controversial choice as the fashion originated in prisons, where laces were removed as a safety precaution. That year Russell Simmons, Run–DMC’s manager, invited Adidas executives to Madison Square Garden to hear the group perform. After seeing fans proudly holding their Superstars in the air, Adidas chose to sign the group to a million-dollar contract, making Run–DMC the first non-athletes to receive a sneaker deal. This pair of Adidas Superstars was released on November 11, 2011, in honor of the rap single’s 25th anniversary, and was autographed by Rev Run and DMC for this exhibition.