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Ever since we were little kids living in Staten Island, we haven’t considered sneakers “just another pair of shoes.” To us, sneakers are all about expressing one’s unique personality. It’s all part of the theme of defining your own style in everyday life; whether it’s comfort, luxury, or sport. This view of sneakers came to us via the “dope boys” always around us in the projects where we grew up. These kids were the ones who always wore prodigious, colorful, and technical-styled sneakers that caught our attention and ultimately launched us into the sneaker design world at a tender age.

Dee and Ricky. Photo: Steph Hildebrand

Dee and Ricky. Photo: Steph Hildebrand

A pair of sneakers is integrated with many different kinds of art these days, bringing out the uniqueness of each individual more than ever. Growing up, we loved to always mix and match our sneakers with the palettes and materials drawn from our apparel, with its bold and colorful fabrics and textures. This style is always labeled a “win” in our book, and it embodies the current culture of the sneaker game today.

Hands down, our favorite sneaker of all time has to be the Geoff Mcfetridge Vandals because of the way you can rip them up and make them look super distressed. The ESPO (Stephen Powers) Nike Air Force II is another favorite of ours. That sneaker changed the game, with its see-through material and amazing art all over the shoe.

Our goal today is to forever change sneaker culture by using more technical and unorthodox fabrics. No matter what, we always try to complete our style points in a broad, as well as fun and sophisticated, way. Even though fashion and accessories were our primary pursuits, one of our childhood dreams “which we never forgot” was to someday come out with our own sneaker. In 2011, our dream finally came true when we were asked to design sneakers for PONY (PRODUCT OF NEW YORK). The PONY shoes we made turned out to be a commercial success, but most importantly, we stayed true to our signature Dee & Ricky “Whimsical” style to make the sneaker fresh and unique. Then, in 2014, we were invited to collaborate with and model for CONVERSE. Stay tuned, because we have a brand-new sneaker collaboration with PUMA, which will be released this upcoming spring season.

Dee & Ricky are still avidly in the sneaker game!


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Dee and Ricky

Known for their quirky and colorful personal styles, Dee and Ricky are fashion and sneaker designers from Staten Island, New York. They have collaborated with brands including PONY, Marc Jacobs, and Pepsi.

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